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Sh*t Anti-Gunners Say

Anti-Gunners Hate Gun Safety & I Can Prove It, Part II



“Of course we should ban guns. Look what happens when you put one in my hands!”

Oh my, I can hear the ocean!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Gun-banners hate gun safety, and the reason why is pure projection. If you’re not familiar, “projection” is a psychological term used to describe an extremely maladaptive defense strategy: Essentially, one takes all the icky feelings that make one uncomfortable and “projects” them onto someone else. In the case of anti-gunners, they’re taking all of their deep-seated aggression towards their fellow man (and their terrifying lack of adult mood regulation), and assuming that those of us who care about the Second Amendment are just like them. Today’s proof is this unintentionally hilarious video from the Dumpster fire that is known as

The video is meant to be an investigative journalism piece about so-called “smart guns,” which are (or would be, in the alternate universe in which smart guns are a good idea) guns imbued with biometric technology that will only allow the gun to fire if a specific set of authorized fingerprints “unlock” its firing capability. It’s one of those things that sounds like a great idea until you think about it for half a second; I don’t know about you, but I’m not comfortable trusting my life to the same technology that won’t let me into my iPhone on a humid day. (I’m also rather uncomfortably aware of the fact that one way to defeat a biometric lock is to simply…steal the relevant body part from the authorized person.)

Naturally, the video’s theme is that the Evil Merchants of Death have “stymied” this “life-saving” technology, because in the entire course of a 43-minute video it has never occurred to the “journalists” at Vice that said technology is completely irrelevant. We don’t need biometric “smart guns”; the only thing we need are the Three Rules of Gun Safety (or, if you’re a Jeff Cooper fan, the Four Rules). If you keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction; if you keep your damned booger-hook off the bang-switch; if you keep the firearm unloaded until you’re ready to use it…well, in that case, any gun is a “smart gun,” because the person wielding it is being smart.

But what happens when the gun is being wielded by a breathtakingly stupid person? Well, you can watch the sequence from which we grabbed the above still image  in a mini-video here. The Vice “reporter” (boy, am I ever giving those scare quotes a workout today) actually takes a Tommy gun, with a magazine in, points it at his cameraman and squeezes the trigger. It dry-fires, which is what generally happens when one pulls the trigger on a working firearm, and he utters one of the most dizzyingly moronic phrases I have heard in my long and moronic life: “I didn’t know it would do that.”

He’s not the only one, of course–anti-gunners are remarkably stupid about gun safety under normal circumstances–but this particular instance demonstrates perfectly the anti-gun playbook. Here’s what that looks like:

  1. Engineer a situation in which you can do something stupid with a gun, preferably on camera.
  2. Blame the gun, its manufacturer, the NRA, and gun owners in general for the stupid thing you just did.
  3. Profit.

As you’ve probably noticed, there’s a presidential election underway, and banning guns is a much larger issue this time than it’s been in decades. The good news for those of us who enjoy a good, cynical laugh is that the mainstream media will no doubt be curling out plenty of steamy little piles of “journalism” just like that Vice video for all of us to laugh at.

As long as we’re out of range.





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