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AXIL GS Extreme Earbuds: Second Only to Silencers



It’s unlikely we’ll see the Hearing Protection Act passed anytime soon…here’s the next-best thing to a suppressor!

The pundits are coming out with their predictions for guns and gun rights in 2021, and it seems extremely unlikely that we will see the passage of Hearing Protection Act (or anything like it) anytime soon. If you’re not familiar with the now-defunct proposed legislation, what it would have done was to make the process of buying a silencer the same as the process to buy a gun. (The current laws treat silencers–which do not truly “silence” a firearm unless it’s shooting subsonic rounds–as if they were fully automatic machine guns.)

Don’t have the time, money or the crayons to explain to the BATFE why they should let you have the equivalent of a car’s muffler? Then you need AXIL‘s GS Extreme earbuds to take care of your hearing and keep you safe on the line and in the hunting fields. These earbuds are three devices in one: Wirefree, Bluetooth streaming capability, the ability to boost quiet noises up to 6 times, and automatic sound suppression of noises over 85 decibels (dB). They retail for $199, and you can get a set of your own right here.

Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that, from now through December 31, you can win an AXIL GS Extreme Earbuds set! It’s the Happy Holidays II $3K Gun & Gear Giveaway. This Giveaway centers the Magnum Research Desert Eagle MR1911 chambered in .45ACP. It’s one of America’s favorite handguns–as re-imagined by one of America’s favorite firearms designers. But there’s loads more, with goodies from CrossBreed, Ed Brown, XDMAN, Legion Targets, and so much more!

Entering the Happy Holidays II $3K Gun & Gear Giveaway is free and easy! Just click here, give us a way to contact you, and get ready for the happiest holidays you could imagine in 2020!

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