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Defending the Defensive Blade: New Knife Rights App



The Right to Keep and Bear Arms also includes edged weapons…and they’re after those, too.

If Americans are curious about what life will look like if the anti-gunners get their way, all we need do is look overseas to Formerly-Great Britain, where “gun control” has morphed into “knife control.” Make no mistake; the Right to Keep and Bear Arms as enshrined under the Second Amendment also includes edged weapons…and that’s where the Knife Rights Foundation, America’s foremost public benefit organization dedicated to knives, comes in. We’ve learned that they’ve just launched their new 2.0 version of the LegalBlade mobile application, designed to keep you and the fine quality steel in your EDC rig safe.

It’s official: Today is “Free Stuff Friday.”

In the spirit of American freedom, Knife Rights Foundation offers the app for free for first-time users. Already have the 1.0 version? Upgrading to 2.0 is also free. And, because it’s Friday and we love free stuff here at Freedom’s Lodge (see what I did there?), we’re giving away a free EVATAC double-edged dagger. (We’ll tell you more about that in a bit!)

The LegalBlade app lets you find the knife laws in your location, and you don’t have to know your exact ZIP code to get it. LegalBlade App 2.0 has a geolocation and mapping interface built in. This is a big boon to self-defenders, as knife laws can be even more of a confusing patchwork than gun laws.

It’s true: Various parts of the country have differing laws about how long the blade can be, whether it’s okay for the blade to have a spring assist, age restrictions, whether the handle can have ivory in it, and more. Although violating a local knife law is generally not treated as harshly as breaking a firearms law, illegally bearing a knife can absolutely get you arrested.

Mark Christensen, CEO of LegalBlade™App 2.0 sponsor Blade HQ, said, “Blade HQ was thrilled to work with Knife Rights Foundation on the development and sponsorship of this app. We regularly get calls from customers in certain areas of the country, with questions about what knives they can own and what knives they can carry in their pocket. Customers travelling across state lines have similar questions. Helping with the sponsorship and development of this app was an easy way for us to get this information out to knife owners across the country.”

Here’s how to get your free LegalBlade App 2.0: 

Now, about that free knife…

Today (August 14, 2020) we have 1,000 EVATAC Double Edge Combat Knives to give away. The Double Edge Combat Knife is a beautifully crafted, fixed, double edge blade with a symmetrical shape to the point. Its stainless-steel blade is powder-coated with a matte-black finish. The handle is a palm swell grip with a rubberized coating making it extremely comfortable in the hand. The extra sharp double edge makes this the ultimate defense weapon. Also included is a quality 600D poly sheath with belt buckle, making this an easy to deploy carry weapon.

Click here to get your free Evatac double-edged dagger!


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