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Enough Coronavirus News: Here’s 4 Women Shooting .50-Cals



In times of crisis, the Second Amendment stands as a bulwark against the forces of chaos. And also boredom.

As more and more Americans settle into a long-term quarantine against the spread of the Coronavirus, we’re battling two equal forces: First, anti-gunners who are hoping to use this crisis to limit gun rights; and second, creeping ennui. Some of us are lucky enough to be locked down in homes with plenty of acreage for practicing our marksmanship skills, others…well, not so much. Luckily, here at Freedom’s Lodge we have the cure for boredom–videos of women shooting the Steyr Arms HS .50-caliber bolt-action rifle. (Please note that these are fan videos, not official Steyr content!) Some of them are doing so for the first time, others are clearly well-versed in the ways of The Fiddy. Double up on your ear protection and get ready for a little #Me2A demonstration from the armed women of America…

1. Michaelka vs. the Steyr, yoga clothes vs. the shooting mat.

Personally, I wouldn’t advocate wearing yoga wear to the range, since low-cut tops like that are a virtual magnet for piping-hot brass. That said, I must admit that it’s entertaining…and that I’m pretty sure any of her observers treated her with the utmost respect.

2. The best place to be is behind the trigger…

…but you’ll still feel the report in your viscera!

3. Good glass and solid instruction can equal instant success…

…There’s empowerment, and then there’s “shooting at targets of a kilometer or further” empowerment.

4. There is no smile like the one a .50 brings…

…forget diamonds. Rifles are a girl’s best friend.

Getting a little envious of that HS .50? Steyr Arms would like you to know that they are still open, and still manufacturing and shipping firearms. Naturally, there will be some delays, but given that firearms stores have now received official government recognition as “essential businesses,” you can have one of your own! Click here for more information, or to find a dealer.

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