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Guns at Coronavirus Quarantine Protests: Listen For the Loudest Scream



Yes, that’s a goat, not a dog. Neither deserve to be compared to anti-gunners, but here we are.

“Throw a rock into a pack of dogs; the one that screams the loudest is the one you hit.” –My Granny

Many Americans nationwide are beginning to question the wisdom of letting the Coronavirus quarantine run indefinitely as the economy sheds about half a million jobs for every business day that we remain in lockdown–and many of those same Americans are letting our local government know about it by exercising both our First Amendment and Second Amendment rights at armed protests.

Whether or not we personally think it’s generally wise to open carry at an organized protest that is not specifically about gun rights, I think we can all agree that everyone who is doing that is well within their rights as Americans. But there’s much more that’s going to shake out of this than pictures of 2A supporters whose hair could really use a trim. These protests, and the reactions to them, are going to tell us who needs to be thrown out of office in November.

My granny used to say, “If you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one that screams the loudest is the one you hit.” When Americans show up armed to a protest, we’re not threatening to shoot anybody. We’re throwing a metaphorical rock into a pack of dogs. Now is the time to listen very carefully for the ones who scream the loudest.

In fact, this is the perfect opportunity to determine who among our elected representatives respect our Constitutionally protected rights. That’s because the COVID-19 quarantines as they are being enforced infringe upon not one, not two, but the first three specifically enumerated rights in the Bill of Rights. After all, Michigan’s Governor Whitmer has actually ordered Michiganders to not move between homes that they own.

Telling citizens that they cannot occupy their own private property comes about as close to violating the Third Amendment as has happened in about 250 years. Throw in the fact that stay-at-home orders directly violate our First Amendment right to assemble and the widespread violations of the Second Amendment that have happened since those orders came down, and you’ve got a perfect storm of unconstitutionality unlike anything we’ve seen since…well, ever.

The fact that many protesters are showing up visibly armed is unusual in that under normal circumstances, you don’t tend to see people open carrying at protests that aren’t specifically related to the Second Amendment. However, as we just discussed, these aren’t normal circumstances. What’s happening here is that many American citizens–myself included–believe that it’s time to remind our elected officials of some salient facts, which are as follows:

  1. Elected officials serve at our pleasure. They are there to represent us, not to rule us.
  2. Americans’ participation in quarantine and stay-at-home orders is voluntary. That’s because our right to free assembly and petition of grievances are natural rights, endowed upon us at birth.
  3. Americans have three separate avenues of recourse when our rights are being violated. They are as follows: soap box, ballet box, and ammo box. In that order. Right now, we’re on Soap Box.

The indignant howls at the very nerve and impudence of Americans to Peaceably Assemble while they are Keeping and Bearing Arms are already very instructive. Here’s one response from a Michigan lawmaker:

“As a retired law enforcement officer, I don’t think they should be able to bring guns into our chambers,” he said. “A lot of people are emotional. They feel like their rights are being infringed on and who do they want to take it out on? Lawmakers. It’s unsettling.” 

The mainstream media isn’t even trying to hide their revulsion for armed protesters. Check out this headline:, which reads: “Armed militia members, other protesters demand ‘freedom’ from Michigan Gov. Whitmer’s stay-home order.”



Yes, some journalist and/or editor decided to put scare quotes around the word freedom, their implication being that what the armed protesters are doing and asking for is ridiculous. That should enrage all Americans, regardless of how they feel about how their governor is handling the COVID-19 crisis, or whether they think it’s a good idea to legally open carry at a protest.

Here at Freedom’s Lodge and our sister site Guns & Gadgets Daily, we’ve been tracking the ways in which the anti-gunners have tried to take advantage of the Coronavirus crisis, and our promise to you is that we’ll keep it up…and we’re listening for the loudest yelps coming from the anti-gun pack.



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