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How to Stage Your Defensive Guns Against Home Invasion



Staging your defensive guns is a critical step in your home-defense plan.

Let’s face it: Most gun owners don’t carry their firearms on them while they’re inside their homes. The very next best thing you can do to bolster your home-defense plan is proper staging of your defensive guns where you’re likely to need them most. Stashing your pistol or shotgun near the bed in case of a bump in the night is an obvious first step. That’s because, obviously, most home invasions happen when the home is either unoccupied or the criminal believes the homeowners to be asleep. But what about the next most likely point at which you would confront a home invader–your door?

It’s about more than just finding a good place to hide your gun.

In this simple, informative video, Personal Defense Network self-defense guru Rob Pincus explains how best to stage your defensive guns near the entry points of your home to bolster your home security. Naturally, simply having the gun in a convenient spot isn’t enough. You also need the context and mindset to make the right decisions at a critical and stressful time. As Pincus notes, “Someone ringing the doorbell in the middle of the afternoon probably does not constitute a threat. Actions that more likely indicate a threat include shots fired just outside your home, someone screaming they’re coming to kill you, or someone trying to break down the door. If the hinges are shaking, it’s probably time to put your home defense plans into action.”

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