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Kick Back at Recoil With FalconStrike Hydraulic Recoil Pad



They say what’s on the inside is what counts. As long as it keeps my shoulder inside its socket, I’m happy.

There are two kinds of shooters in this world: the ones who hate recoil, and liars. Whichever category you fall into, FalconStrike USA has just introduced an entirely new kind of solution to your hard-kickin’ shootin’ iron, a revolutionary hydraulic recoil pad. This technology originally made its debut in the aerospace industry, but it works every bit as well here at sea level. So if you spend much time shooting break-action 12-gauges (or anything else that rattles your teeth), this might just be the technology you’ve been waiting for while you tend your bruises.

FalconStrike’s hydraulic dampening technology works to match your body shape that contours the shoulder when the gun is fired. The elastic bladder contains a high-performance shock absorber for maximum energy reduction, which the company says results in:  80% less recoil energy; 35% less muzzle lift, 25% less peak force, and 35% less rockback. Notice that muzzle lift stat? Your follow-through–and thus, your accuracy–is about to improve.

“Most shooters struggle with the punishing effects of recoil so we’ve created a recoil reduction pad that utilizes hydraulic dampening technology borrowed from the aerospace industry that dramatically reduces recoil to give shooters greater accuracy, less flinching and more shooting endurance,” says Martin Gaudet, President of FalconStrike USA.

With FalconStrike, you get enhanced recoil energy reduction through hydraulic dampening without the cost and expense of installing a muzzle brake or the limited results from a rubber-only pad. FalconStrike advises that installation is easy, just: 1. select your model, 2. attach base plate, and 3. shoot with more comfort. The MSRP is $187, but FalconStrike stands behind their product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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