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Virginia’s Gun-Hating Governor vs. Virginia



Courtesy Virginia Citizens’ Defense League

From the moment that Virginia Governor Ralph Northam settled himself into the gubernatorial mansion in Richmond—thoughtfully purchased for him by America’s wealthiest gun-grabber, Mike Bloomberg—he has been gleefully working to force as much anti-Second Amendment legislation on Virginia’s citizens as he can. Even if you’re not a Virginian, you can confidently treat what’s happening in that state right now as if it were a crystal ball showing your future…or a primer on how to stop it. Here’s why.

The first thing to know about what’s going on is that Governor Blackface was voted into office during an “off-year” election in 2019. In what everyone is sure is a big fat coincidence, it also just so happened when the nation’s most powerful pro-2A organization, the NRA, was financially tied up by a lawsuit against the State of New York. Additionally, the 2019 elections marked the moment when the demographic “weight” of left-leaning urbanites in the Northern Virginia area finally tipped the scales against…well, essentially, the rest of Virginia.

This is actually one of the top plays in the Gun-Grabbers’ Playbook: allow the “black holes” of large cities to devour the rights of all of the lightly populated parts of a given state. It has worked quite well for them so far, having already stripped the rural residents of New York State, Illinois, Massachusetts, California, and more of their Second Amendment rights.

The second thing to know about what’s going on in Virginia is that, just as it did around 250 years ago, Virginians are registering their objections. That map above—courtesy of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, which is doing some terrific work in that state—represents Virginia counties that have declared themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries. These “sanctuary counties” are saying that they will not enforce the anti-Second Amendment laws that Northam and his lackeys are trying to force on Virginians. In some ways, this isn’t unprecedented; this tactic is straight from the Democratic playbook of refusal to enforce Federal immigration laws. But in other ways, it’s, well…revolutionary. This is a series of government entities refusing to enforce laws enacted by other American government entities. When something like that happens, it puts our government into what has in the past always been an existential crisis.

Back to that map. The counties and cities rendered in black are the ones that (at the time of this writing) have not declared that they will not enforce any of the unconstitutional laws on Governor Blackface’s wishlist. (Notice that double negative?) The ones in green are the sanctuaries…and looky here, it’s pretty much the entire state. Now let’s look at a different map.

Isn’t that interesting? The wealthier the county, the more likely it is to comply with an anti-gun agenda. It’s almost as if the gun grabbers who are currently trying to relegate the Second Amendment to the ash-heap of history are hoping that they’ll be able to simply buy their way to a disarmed America.

There’s just one problem with that: the Bill of Rights, which is quite clear about the fact that these rights are human rights. We are born with them, they are ours; the Bill of Rights merely identifies them as inalienable. Our wealth, status, race, sexual orientation and political beliefs are utterly irrelevant in this matter, and our human rights aren’t for sale. Right now, as I type and you read, Virginia’s Constitution-loving citizens are standing against Gov. Northam and his unconstitutional anti-2A agenda. Even if you don’t live in Virginia, keep an eye on the news: This critical gun-rights battle will be coming to your state sooner or later. We are all Virginians now.


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