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10 MORE Pro-Gun Memes to Make You a Social Media Superstar



Did you know that every time you share a pro-gun meme, Nancy Pelosi gets heartburn?

Memes are essentially the bumper stickers of the Internet, only better, because they don’t leave a sticky outline that you can spend hours trying to scrape off with your fingernail. They may be little more than an image and a few words–most memes don’t have more than 15 words of text–but they encapsulate a thought, a concept, in ways that a full-length feature article might struggle to match. And if you’re a Second Amendment supporter, they’re a fun way to entertain your buddies on social media. This month, we’ve got 10 hot new pro-gun memes for you to click, save, and share…

1. Compensating for something? Well, I never!

Wonder what that trigger pull weight would be. And where I can buy one.

2. Also, where can I buy a box of those?

That would be a rather undignified end for a home invader, but imagine the fun the coroner would have!

3. I hope it works better than the cup holder in my old tower computer…

Personally, I’m holding out for the model with a sunroof.

4. Introducing the new Cory Booker-approved AR-15!

They should put a couple nails in there while they’re at it. It’s a force multiplier!

5. It’s never too early to pick up an expensive habit!

Hey man…could you, like, hook me up with an AR? Come on, I’ll pay you back…

6. But that waistline is so unflattering…

Why didn’t I think of this? Now I have to go find another future ex-Mrs. Munson.

7. If it makes you feel any better, the anti-gunners hate the pink ones, too.

Who knew anti-gunners were such racists?

8. Oh, I’m so triggered right now!

I’ll be in my bunk. Nobody disturb me for at least 10 minutes.


But also, I need an AR.

10. Say it louder, so they can hear it from the bleachers…


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