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DOJ Study: Shove it Up Your Loophole, Gun-Grabbers



Sideways, if you please.

A new Department of Justice study proves that “crime guns” just don’t come from gun shows. Period.

The Department of Justice recently ran a study that did something unique, remarkable, and unprecedented in the annals of federal-government studies: They actually asked the criminals where they get their guns. Then they had the courage to actually present the results, even though those results run 100% counter to the anti-gun narrative. It’s a revelation that will prove shocking to exactly nobody who reads this column, but it just might shock your anti-gun and fence-sitting friends. The study, and its obvious implications for Second Amendment legislation in the coming months, was pointed up in the following fiery press release from the equally fiery past NRA President Marion Hammer. Before I turn the floor over to Ms. Hammer–and never was a woman more aptly named, and that is a compliment–I urge you to bookmark these links (all of which go to .pdf documents):

Take it away, Marion Hammer!

It has now been over a year since the DOJ issued a press release and the Report on where criminals acquire their crime guns.  Clearly, the Report did not fit the narrative that the media wanted to promote — or you would have read or heard about it sooner.  It’s now time for you to see it, use it and share it with those who need to know the facts. 

Be aware: the so-called “gun show loophole” is just another manufactured anti-gun fraud.  There is NO GUN SHOW LOOPHOLE. PERIOD.  

In 2016, the U.S. Department of Justice conducted a study of prison inmates.  Included in that study was the collection of data to show where prisoners get the guns they used in the commission of crimes.  The DOJ Press Release explains how the study was conducted.  The Pie Chart of DOJ Data distills the information and makes the results more clear.  The full DOJ Report gives more detail. 


Gun Shows accounted for 0.8% of firearms acquired by criminals, while Underground/Street purchases accounted for 43.2%. 

Simply put, LESS THAN 1% of crime guns were purchased at gun shows while almost half of all guns used in crimes were purchased illegally from the underground/street black market. 



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