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Don’t Miss 2A Rally in DC Virtual Event, Ft. Dana Loesch, Maj Toure & MORE



Note: Today’s action alert comes to us courtesy of Rally For Your 2A Rights!

Due to Permit Restrictions the 2020 2A Rally in DC will now be a VIRTUAL EVENT, broadcast LIVE on October 24th.

Last year we hosted THOUSANDS of attendees and with the energy around this election season and excitement from of new gun owners seeking connection and information, we fully expected this year’s audience to have been even larger. However, this year the Capitol Police have restricted all permits on the US Capitol Grounds to only 50 participants indefinitely.

After considering all of our options, from cancelling the event entirely to encouraging people to show up despite the restrictions, we have decided to use the power of digital technology to broadcast a virtual rally. We don’t want to miss the opportunity to share the thoughts of our speakers, and we also don’t want protesting the restriction on assembling at the Capitol to distract from our mission of celebrating and defending our gun rights.

The date remains the same, so please plan to join us on October 24th, with the complete line-up of speakers that we would have had on stag.that day in DC. That star-studded line-up includes returning speakers from last year’s inaugural event, held on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol Building, and newcomers.

The biggest name in this first announcement is well known conservative gun rights advocate Dana Loesch. Other newcomers include:

Tim Peterson, a military veteran who grew up in the neighborhood of South Minneapolis recently ravaged by civil unrest.

Amanda Suffecool, host of Eye on the Target Radio and part of the DC Project Foundation.

Rebecca Schmoe, Gun Rights and Freedom advocate who was recently the host of the “To The Republic” podcast.

Klimt Macro, firearms skills instructor, founder of Trigger Presser’s Union and key figure in the fight for Gun Rights in Western Pennsylvania.

Returning Speakers announced today include:

Eric Blandford (iraqveteran8888)

Top Shot Season 4 Champion Chris Cheng

Maj Toure (founder of Black Guns Matter).

The 2A Rally will be broadcast live on October 24th. The event promises to offer thirty speakers with a greet deal of “thought diversity” addressing the topic of Celebrating and Defending the rights protected by our Second Amendment.

For more information follow the Rally’s Instagram feed @2Arally, Rally for Your 2A Rights Facebook page and be sure to click “interested” or “going” on their Facebook Event for frequent updates & future announcements!


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