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Sh*t Anti-Gunners Say

From the “Gun Owners Are Paranoid” Files, Part Eleventy



“The Line Storm,” by John Steuart Curry, 1897-1946

Every time the mainstream media covers Second Amendment issues, we get to hear the “paranoia” slander…

…And every time an actual disaster hits, and armed citizens are forced to ensure their own safety, the gun banners go silent. The article I linked in the last sentence is pretty much straightforward news reporting, but it’s an excellent illustration of how the media tends to focus more on the armed criminals than on the armed law-abiders who have no choice but to deal with them alone. Hurricane Michael was a near-perfect example of the kind of disaster that preppers (who tend to get the brunt of the MSM’s sneering accusations of paranoia) are talking about when we discuss emergency preparedness. The storm hit suddenly, with only a couple of days’ warning; the storm built in power and fury as it made landfall, hitting the shores with 150+-mph winds; and the storm didn’t just knock out power, it also knocked out cell towers. Many people simply didn’t have enough time to evacuate, and were forced to shelter in place without any way of contacting their friends, loved ones, or emergency services.

It’s kind of hard to tell people to just dial 911 when there is no 911.

Now, as tends to happen when people are hot, angry, and (worst of all) bored, some of the more criminally minded citizenry are out looting. And they don’t seem to mind much whether the homes they’re looting are occupied or not, which is a bit unusual. What may be happening here is that, in addition to disrupting emergency services and the power grid, the hurricane has also disrupted the illegal drug pipeline that runs through Florida. That means that in addition to being hot, angry, and bored, some of the criminally minded citizenry are also trying to quell their addictions with whatever they can find, and are hoping that the houses they’re invading contain prescription medications. And the most dangerous place to be in the world is in between an addict and their drug of choice. That’s not paranoia; that’s reality, and it’s happening right now.

Nor is it necessary for there to be a 50-year storm to cause this kind of disruption. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and even “mundane” storms like ice storms and derechos are perfectly capable of knocking out power grids, transportation, and communication services for several days, even weeks. Yes, as the article points out, it does make law enforcement’s job tougher in the aftermath of a disaster when the criminals are armed. However, the fact that the criminals are armed is Situation Normal. The fact that there aren’t enough law-enforcement officers out there to make every street safe is Situation Normal. The fact that law-abiding citizens are pretty much on their own most of the time is Situation Normal. The only thing that’s different right now is that it’s harder for the gun banners to pretend that preppers are paranoid.

Let’s make it even harder by spreading the reminder far and wee: Gun owners and preppers aren’t paranoid, we’re pragmatic.


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