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Smells Like Infringement

Honor Defense Trolls San Fran With “Clueless In Frisco” Promotion



Honor Defense to San Francisco: Problem?

Who knew that being a domestic terrorist would come with sweet discounts?

Howdy-do, my fellow domestic terrorists! Just in case you hadn’t heard, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors–in their infinite wisdom–recently announced that, as far as they’re concerned, the NRA is a domestic terrorist organization. (Which isn’t fair at all…I personally have yet to see the NRA terrorize anything but the paper recycling receptacle with the metric f-ton of money-begging letters I get from them weekly.) What’s so beautiful about this latest dollop of dumb is that the 11-member Board of Simpletons made this announcement in September…on the eleventh of which, we’ll be commemorating what happens when actual terrorists strike.

That’s why I chortled with joy when I saw that Honor Defense, a veteran-owned handgun manufacturer, decided to put on their trolling hat and give the San Fran BoD a new source of heartburn: an 11% discount for any firearm purchased in September. They’re calling it “Clueless 11 in Frisco,” in honor of the brave Social Justice Warriors of the Board of Dimwits, and I’m so here for it.

To earn their discount, consumers need only use the coupon code: Clueless11inFrisco. From that point onward, you’ll take part in a magical journey in which you’ll get to custom design your own firearm, get a sweet little discount in the process, all while raising a metaphorical middle finger Westward. (Or South, if you live in Oregon or Washington.) Once you’ve designed your pistol, it will be assembled by American veterans using all-American parts…because that’s how domestic terrorists roll!

Gary Ramey, President of Honor Defense, added “Our company supports the Second Amendment. Our Veterans are more than happy to build the best 9mm single-stack pistols for Americans interested in self-protection. These pistols are not available in California and we’ll gladly include a $40 discount card towards an NRA membership.” He probably did not then make the face depicted at the top of this article and say, “Problem?”, but I am going to go ahead and pretend he did.

MSRPs depend on which options you choose, but the guns start at $299…which is hardly terroristic at all! Assemble your very own Honor Defense Troll-Gun by clicking here.

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