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Mask Off! Sen. Fetterman & His Lickspittle Journos Want to Repeal the 2A



Here’s a promise: We here at Freedom’s Lodge will NOT tell you whatever Sen. Fetterman “f*cking wants.”

If you’re not familiar with Senator Fetterman, here’s an introduction. He’s the Pennsylvania senator who beat pro-2A Dr. Mehmet Oz with a hairsplitting vote that was driven largely by pity. Sen. Fetterman was recovering from a stroke at the time of the election, although PA voters clearly wished to give him another chance, they may not have intended for him to use his Senate office like a nursing home. These days, he’s most famous for casting Senate votes and giving press conferences in his pajamas … which, of course, journalists have described as “redefining fashion.”

That’s because, as Senator Underpants’ aide comments in the above video, his handpicked journalists “will say exactly what you f*cking want them to.”

The video, obtained by the actual journalists at O’Keefe Media Group, depicts Fetterman’s assistant, Luke Borwegan, with his mask all the way off. As Borwegan explains cheerfully, Senator Fetterman may love the 14th Amendment, but he’d like to have the 2nd repealed as soon as possible. Senator Fetterman would prefer it if exactly zero Americans have guns. And Senator Fetterman knows just how to ensure that the mainstream press will cover for him and flat-out lie if necessary.

Senator Fetterman, you don’t deserve your voters. You and your sweatpants don’t deserve the office you hold. And nobody, absolutely nobody, deserves you. Pretend you have a shred of honor and class. Put on some big-boy pants, learn what the Constitution means, or resign.

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