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Smells Like Infringement

Smells Like Infringement: Gun Banners in the News



I didn’t know Nancy Pelosi watched WWE.

My nana always told me, “Trace, if you can’t say something nice about somebody, you just come sit down right here next to me.”

If there’s one thing I can say for anti-gunners, it’s this: They’re industrious as dung beetles, rolling up little balls of gun control, then busily parading them to and fro. Sadly, the end result isn’t any more pleasant to behold than the dung beetle’s toil. Another thing we can rely upon about anti-gunners is that they’ll be quick to assure us that none of the below balls of rolled-up gun control infringes upon the Second Amendment. But if you dare to take a deep breath, I think you’ll agree with me: This smells like infringement…

Anti-gunners, uh, find a way.

Let’s Increase Ammunition Taxes by 50%! 

I think my favorite bit about this story courtesy of Connecticut’s State Rep. Gillian Gilchrist is her use of the classic phrase: “If it saves just one life, it’ll be worth it!” Let’s leave aside all of the standard, sane-people arguments about why increasing the tax on ammunition by 50% is neither going to save lives nor make much revenue for Connecticut. Instead, let’s focus on all of the other things we could do that would save “just one” life. Lowering the speed limit to 55, as they did back during the 70s during the oil crises, inarguably saved not just one life, but thousands. Repealing the national maximum speed limit resulted in a 3.2% increase in traffic fatalities. For those following along at home, that was an additional 12,000 deaths between 1995-2005…and being able to drive really fast isn’t protected by the Bill of Rights.

I’m with Ron Swanson on this one.

Let’s Make Taxpayers Bankroll Our Anti-Gun Agenda!

Here’s another steamy coil of gun control, courtesy of the Aloha State. Although nobody’s ever claimed the anti-gun movement is ill-funded, in the tradition of gun-banners everywhere they’re trying to get the public to subsidize their efforts via tax dollars. What lends a particularly piquant aroma to this particular gun-hating idea is the subtle way they’ve conflated publicly funded research into violence committed with firearms with publicly funded advocacy against gun rights. The idea here is to confuse the reader into thinking that the laws as they currently exist were created to stifle research…when, in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. The reason why they’re upset is that the research just keeps proving that everything anti-gunners think is true just…ain’t…so.

At least the puppy has an excuse, being a puppy and all.

Let’s Use the Entire Bill of Rights As a Puppy Pad!

One of my favorite things about living in the year 2019 is watching the same people who’ve been attacking the Second Amendment for decades suddenly turn on the First. And by “my favorite,” I mean “the most troubling.” Time was, the gun-banners used to at least pretend that freedom of speech meant something to them. They dropped this pretense the moment they realized that their latest boogeyman, 3-D printed guns, had specifications out there floating around on the InterWebz. Now, the Attorney General for the State of New Jersey is trying to force to release their files, obtained from Defense Distributed. Never mind all of the other things you’ve been able to see, do, and learn on the Internet since before Al Gore spawned it…everything was just fine with these guys until someone figured out how to print guns at home.

I don’t know about you, but it all smells like infringement to me…

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