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Smells Like Infringement

California, the Kafka-esque Nightmare That Awaits Gun Owners Everywhere



Is waking up as a cockroach scarier than being a California gun owner?

If you’re curious about the “Metamorphosis” the anti-gunners are planning for our Second Amendment, look to the Left Coast.

For decades, the gun owners of California have been warning the rest of us that what has been done (and is still being done) to them isn’t just their bad luck, but rather a harbinger of what’s to come for America if the anti-gunners get their way. As the 2020 Presidential election heats up and the remaining anti-gun candidates prepare for the primaries, those of us who have the luxury of living in states that respect the Second Amendment–for now–would do well to look to the Left Coast to see what the anti’s have in mind for us.

The best metaphor to describe what’s happening to California gun owners was created in 1912 by a young man named Franz Kafka, called “Metamorphosis.” It’s a surrealistic psychological horror story in which the narrator wakes up one morning having, inexplicably, turned into a cockroach. There’s no explanation, no reason, just a person suddenly transforming from a human being with rights into vermin worthy only of extermination. (Possibly requiring nuclear weapons, if you ask Eric Swalwell.) Here are a few examples of the “Metamorphosis” California gun owners have endured…and what’s at stake in 2020.

1: Early Indoctrination

Give me the child for the first seven years and I will give you the man. –Jesuit maxim widely attributed to Ignatius Loyola

You can’t have totalitarianism without early childhood indoctrination, and the anti-gunners know that very well. So the first thing you can expect is for them to start ret-conning the Second Amendment from a vital part of the Bill of Rights into some weird atavistic leftover of an earlier time, like an appendix or the ghosts of tails that humans still have at the bases of our spines. And, well, here is California’s example.

From the linked article:
“But the State of California believes it knows better, requiring publisher McGraw-Hill to annotate a discussion of the Bill of Rights in a popular social studies textbook with the state’s own peculiar view of the Second Amendment’s meaning. According to pictures from the California edition in the New York Times, the annotation states:

Right to Bear Arms This amendment is often debated. Originally it was intended to prevent the national government from repeating the actions of the British, who tried to take weapons away from the colonial militia, or armed forces of the citizens. This amendment seems to support the right of citizens to own firearms, but the Supreme Court has ruled it does not prevent Congress from regulating the interstate sale of weapons.”

2: “Othering” Gun Owners

One of the biggest problems facing the gun grabbers is that most Americans–even those who think they support “gun control”–know someone who owns guns, even if they don’t themselves. The reason that’s a problem is that gun owners are normal people just like everyone else, and it’s hard to get people to hate other people who are just like them. The solution? “Othering.” You could also call it “dehumanizing.” One great way to dehumanize an entire population is to class them as enemies of the State and of civic peace. For example, calling all gun owners terrorists. Or ensuring that gun owners can’t make a living. Both of those things happened in California in 2019, and if you think the Nevada border is going to stop this wave of insanity…well, let’s all hope you’re right.

3. Confusing, Contradictory Laws With Brutal Consequences

Finally, gun grabbers in California have learned that if you can’t legislate the Second Amendment completely away (yet), the next best thing is to enact a bizarre boondoggle of laws that are confusing and contradict one another. The point is to make it so any gun owner, no matter how diligent he or she is about following those laws, can be found to be in violation of at least one of them at any time. How can you have law-abiding gun owners when it’s impossible to abide by the laws? You can’t, and that’s the point. Here’s an extremely recent example: The California laws surrounding background checks are so complex that California’s own Department of Justice has been enforcing them incorrectly.

From the linked article: When a state’s lawmakers and government officials can’t even decipher the maze of gun laws they have created, it’s probably a good sign that there’s too much gun control on the books. Such is the case in California, where a recent change in state law passed by anti-gun lawmakers inadvertently lowered the cost of a “Basic Ammunition Eligibility Check” from $19 to $1. Unaware of the change until it was brought to their attention by gun rights supporters, the California Department of Justice collected the $19 fee in contravention of state law. … This episode is illustrative of just how little respect anti-gun lawmakers and administrators have for gun owners. These individuals do not hesitate to impose ever more convoluted burdens on law-abiding gun owners or to punish well-meaning gun owners whose benign conduct falls just outside their byzantine regime. Yet these same people cannot be bothered to comprehend or hold themselves to the progressively ridiculous laws that they create and administer.

And what are the consequences if those gun owners make the same sort of mistake that the State of California made? Well, felony convictions.

If you’re curious about what’s in store for the rest of America if the gun-grabbers win, ask California gun owners…or Franz Kafka. Just remember one fact that anyone living in a subtropical climate can vouch for: Cockroaches are incredibly resilient–even Swalwell’s hypothetical nuke might not be enough.


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