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New Dan Wesson Tactical Combat Pistol: Everyday Carry For 1911 Fans



The 1911 is a fantastic firearm, no question, but it can be hard to conceal…

The 1911 design has undergone very few significant changes since it was first brought to market over a century ago, and for very much the same reason that sharks haven’t evolved since the Devonian era: They were made perfectly the first time. That said, given that the 1911 wasn’t originally designed for concealed carry, it can be a challenge for the 1911 fan to carry, especially on-body. That’s where the new Dan Wesson Tactical Combat Pistol (DW TCP) is sure to shine for 1911 fans. It’s an all-day-carry handgun for those who prefer the 1911 platform and demand great accuracy in a carry pistol.

First, the DW TCP is lighter than many 1911s, tipping the scale at a mere 32 ounces. It also features a compact, stainless steel slide that is beveled in a tri-top design, creating a smoother profile for easy, snag-free holstering and drawing. Aggressive slide serrations make loading and unloading the DW TCP a pleasure.

But the DW TCP isn’t just about concealability–it’s also about intelligent ergonomics. A top rib on the DW TCP slide helps reduce glare, plus it features Dan Wesson’s new U-notch rear sight with a whopping .156-inch-wide notch. Paired with a brass-beaded front sight, this sight combination puts a shooter’s eyes on target quickly. The TCP’s grips are new from Dan Wesson, with a tapered profile that is slim at the top and full-width at the bottom, giving shooters with smaller hands an easier reach to the trigger. With three facets that mimic the distinctive slide, the serrated features on the grip encourage a high, deep grip, as does the undercut trigger guard.

But what is concealability and ergonomics without accuracy? That’s why the DW TCP sports a 4-inch-long bull barrel, featuring a 30-degree crown that is flush cut for easier disassembly. There’s also a tactical rail under the barrel so a light or laser can be attached.

Finally, what is concealability, ergonomics, and accuracy without durability? With a similar recoil system to the Dan Wesson ECO pistol, the DW TCP features a flat-wire recoil spring rated for 15,000 rounds–three times the round count of a typical 1911 dual recoil spring set up. The Dan Wesson guarantee of quality means the TCP will be on the job and ready for years to come.

Available in 9mm Luger, 45 ACP, and done in a Black Duty finish, the DW TCP is at home in a carry holster, on a nightstand or at the range. MSRPs are $1725 for the .45 ACP version, and $1700 for the 9mm version.

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