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Time and Crayons: Explaining the Second Amendment to “The View” Hosts



Joy Behar at rest, c. 2022, crayon on Denny’s menu

Had we but crayons enough and time, this clowning, ladies, would be no crime …

A few days ago, the New York City subway system was terrorized by a man with severe mental health problems and (luckily) poor marksmanship. For a brief period, the mainstream media was electrified by the notion that they might have another Bernhard Goetz on their hands, and there was wall-to-wall coverage. Then, of course, the suspect was caught, and as it turns out, he did not suit the anti-gun narrative. That’s why that story has already mostly disappeared from the headlines … but not from “The View.” The hosts recently took a few minutes to discuss AR-15s, and it was every bit the clown rodeo you’d expect. The good news is that the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Larry Keane has the time, patience, and crayons to take the ladies of “The View” back to school. Take it away, Larry!



By Larry Keane

No one’s claiming they watch ABC’s The View for factual Second Amendment news. But the gaggle of progressive television hosts got plenty wrong during a conversation about Second Amendment rights and recent criminal shootings perpetrated by people breaking the law.

The hosts are known for their extreme gun restriction beliefs. This particular discussion included Joy Behar bloviating about how the U.S. Supreme Court was “poised to pass a bill” that would force New York to “be an open carry state, and an open carry city,” among other nonsense.

The show’s conservative guest host, former Director of Strategic Communications for The White House for President Donald Trump Alyssa Farah, took the bait when it was suggested that no American needs an AR-15.

The hosts could use a Civics 101 lesson.

Rights, Not Needs

The View pushed partisan politics and gun control before the facts were known after a disturbed criminal attacked New York City subway commuters and injured at least 23.

The group decried Republicans for exposing soft-on-crime prosecutors as part of the problem. Behar blamed Republican governors for making it “easier” to get a firearm. She meant Republican governors in AlabamaIndiana and Georgia who all signed legislation enacting permitless carry, or Constitutional Carry. The laws in those states don’t “make it easier” to get guns. The laws mean only that if a law-abiding American passes a National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) verification, they can legally carry a firearm without having to pay for a state permit to exercise their fundamental right to bear arms. There are 25 states in this group.

Host Sunny Hostin questioned Farah. “Would you agree and concede that no one needs an AR-15 or, uh, an assault-style weapon….because hunters, if you’re a good hunter I don’t think you need to use that to shoot a deer,” she asked.

“So, yes,” Farah answered. She added that people often misunderstand firearms because of what they look like, not how they function.

The answer should have been “No!” Full stop. Not because of anything having to do with hunting. Not because they are supposedly “assault-style weapons,” – they aren’t. Not because Hostin thinks firearm ownership is about a “need.” The answer is “No” because it is a fundamental right of law-abiding Americans.

The first 10 amendments to the Constitution were deemed the Bill of Rights. Not the Bill of Needs.

America’s Rifle

The AR-15, or Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR), is the most popular-selling semiautomatic centerfire rifle in America. The AR stands for ArmaLite Rifle, the name of the company that developed the design back in the 1950s, not “assault rifle” as gun control groups or talking heads like Hostin falsely repeat. These rifles use the same one-trigger-pull, one-fire technology that was developed in the late-nineteenth century and is still commonly utilized in handguns and shotguns.

Modern Sporting Rifles have been commercially sold  since the early 1960s and are available to law-abiding citizens who pass a NICS check. They only bear a similar appearance to the military’s M-16 or M-4 automatic rifles. Automatic rifles have been severely restricted from civilian ownership since 1934 and haven’t been commercially made since 1986.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, firearm sales in America reached record highs with NSSF industry retailer data showing more than 21 million background checks for a firearm sale in 2020 and more than 18.5 million in 2021. Thopat includes more than 14 million first-time firearm buyers between 2020 and 2021. Self-defense was one of the top reasons given when first-time purchasers were asked about why they bought a firearm. Given its versatility, affordability, accuracy and reliability, the MSR has always been a favorite choice for that category of buyer. Since 1990, estimates are there are well over 20 million MSRs in circulation today.

NBC News examined why so many Americans purchased MSRs throughout the pandemic and 26-year-old mom Megan Hill explained her decision.

“We looked at the AR-15, and it was all in one package,” Hill said. “You can target-shoot with it, protect yourself with it, hunt with it. Luckily we haven’t had to use it in self-defense, but it’s a comfort knowing that it’s there to protect my children and my family.”

Empowering Right

Hostin is no stranger to absurd statements about firearms. She’s bemoaned Americans like Megan Hill and millions more who own MSRs, saying she feels like “a hostage.” She loathed that her friends and family were buying firearms. She even sat and listened as previous guest host Sherri Shephard explained why she decided to purchase a firearm.

“I felt very empowered when I bought this gun. I took lessons. I took the test. I go to the range with my girlfriends like every other week, and it just makes me feel like at least if something happens, I can protect my child,” Shephard said. “I don’t know why you’re laughing.”

Women accounted for more than 40 percent of all firearm purchases over the past two years and African-American women have been the fastest-growing demographic segment of all. The number one reason has been for protection of their families and children.

Americans aren’t taking their advice from television talk show hosts. They’re standing on the Constitution when it comes to their rights, including their right to own MSRs. Support for gun control is tanking as gun ownership is rising. They’re keeping it up today, not because of a need, but because it’s their right to do so.



  1. Roland

    April 25, 2022 at 8:45 pm

    Any restrictions on any firearm is unconstitutional. The 2nd was put in and worded with the explicit intent on making shure that if it became necessary the citizens would be able to protect their self freedom and country. When a person commits a crime they should be punished for the crime they actually committed if a weapon was used it is noted “a weapon was used” it does not matter what the weapon was. Question is it better to be run over and killed beaten to death with club knifed to death shot to death etc. Dead is Dead. The punishment should be the same.

  2. Harry

    April 25, 2022 at 1:08 pm

    You got that sh!t right.

  3. Dave

    April 22, 2022 at 3:02 pm

    I watched ‘The View’, once, many years ago…for about 10 minutes. The ‘hosts’ of this show have got to be some of the most ignorant people there are…at least among the living. Although, it ‘is’ a Left oriented show, so that might be the answer. I look at it this way…If Leftists could think…they wouldn’t be Leftists.
    George Orwell probably said it best, “It’s frightful that people who are so ignorant should have so much influence.”
    The Left and it’s cultist followers will harp on ‘gun control’, probably forever.
    A few quotes on ‘gun control’…

    “If gun laws in fact worked, the sponsors of this type of legislation should have no difficulty drawing upon long lists of examples of criminal acts reduced by such legislation. That they cannot do so after a century and a half of trying – that they must sweep under the rug the southern attempts at gun control in the 1870-1910 period, the northeastern attempts in the 1920-1939 period, the attempts at both Federal and State levels in 1965-1976 – establishes the repeated, complete and inevitable failure of gun laws to control serious crime.”—Orrin Hatch

    “Without either the first or second amendment, we would have no liberty; the first allows us to find out what’s happening, the second allows us to do something about it! The second will be taken away first, followed by the first and then the rest of our freedoms.”—Unknown

    “The biggest hypocrites on gun control are those who live in upscale developments with armed security guards – and who want to keep other people from having guns to defend themselves. But what about lower-income people living in high-crime, inner city neighborhoods? Should such people be kept unarmed and helpless, so that limousine liberals can ‘make a statement’ by adding to the thousands of gun laws already on the books?”—Thomas Sowell

    “If you are for gun control, then you are not against guns, because the guns will be needed to disarm people. So it’s not that you are anti-gun. You’ll need the police’s guns to take away other people’s guns. So you’re very Pro-Gun, you just believe that only the Government (which is, of course, so reliable, honest, moral and virtuous…) should be allowed to have guns. There is no such thing as gun control. There is only centralizing gun ownership in the hands of a small, political elite and their minions.”—Stefan Molyneux

    “You need only reflect that one of the best ways to get yourself a reputation as a dangerous citizen these days is to go about repeating the very phrases which our founding fathers used in the struggle for independence.”—Charles A. Beard

  4. Larry!

    April 21, 2022 at 12:39 pm

    They should go to Ukraine and spew that crap to those unarmed citizens who were invaded and raped and slaughtered!!!!!

    • dustydog

      April 25, 2022 at 4:13 pm

      Thanks to Zelensky and his employers:

      “Zelenskyy supports… free abortion in Ukraine, and the legalisation of prostitution and gambling. He opposes the legalisation of firearms.”
      (Wikipedia/Volodymyr Zelenskyy)

  5. Joe

    April 21, 2022 at 10:54 am

    I really love that you call this rifle what it is. MSR! If we could get a campaign going to re-brand these weapons to the MSR we have less push back against them for a while anyway.
    Also liked The Bill Of Rights vs The Bill Of Needs

  6. Boz

    April 21, 2022 at 10:19 am

    Maude Behar!

  7. Rodney Steward

    April 21, 2022 at 10:12 am

    Watching the View is like going to a horse track and watching a bunch of dead horses race, yes it’s that pathetic. I can’t believe anyone in their right mind even watches the View.

    • James

      April 21, 2022 at 9:05 pm

      Why would anyone waste their time watching such garbage of a TV show.
      These women are nothing more than far leftist, mentally unstable, bigots.
      They hate America, want to ban all guns in America, and yet have armed body guards. Of course, laws and rules don’t apply to them because they are on TV and have millions of dollars.
      They, and AOC and the squad, and Letitia James want to repeal the 2nd amendment.
      They, AOC and the squad, want to replace the Constitution and Bill of Rights with something out of Castro and Stalin handbook and turn America into a ” communist workers paradise”!
      They also want to replace the American flag.
      They say stupid things like ” the criminals a victim too!”
      I’ll bet that if China or Russia invaded the USA that they would welcome them as their savior’s!
      Protect and support your right to keep and own all types of firearms and accessories.
      Don’t allow the rich, elite, far leftist, mentally unstable TV celebraties to restrict and ban firearms in America.

      • Dave

        April 22, 2022 at 3:04 pm

        Well said.

  8. Bemused Berserker

    April 21, 2022 at 10:10 am

    Sunny Hosten and her fellow co-hosts on “The Spew,” are Ignorant and Hate Filled Morons. I can’t fathom why anyone would watch those Ugly Cupid Stunts.

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