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Let’s Go, Brandon! Get Alabama’s Most Hated Plate Free (Anti-Gun Tears Included)



Maybe he’s a thirsty boy and it stands for Let’s Go Buy a Fifth of Jim Beam.

Would you like to own the license plate that launched a thousand anti-gun tears?

Just a few short weeks ago, our very own XDMAN and a buddy of his decided that it was time for a new novelty license plate. In honor of our Gun Banner in Chief and the source of everyone’s favorite sporting game chant, the plate they decided upon was LGB FJB.  Cheeky, but tasteful, no? At first, nobody seemed to mind, but that didn’t last.  Here’s what happened:

“A couple months more and the local revenue department calls Nathan warning him that the State DMV were not happy with Nathan’s tag. She informed Nate that he had 10 days to turn in the tag, and buy a new one. If Nathan decided not to surrender the tag, he would face penalties, registration cancellation and up to confiscating his truck. Wow that’s a big threat coming from the State.”

Who’d have thought those six little letters could cause so much butthurt?

Anyone who knows anything about anti-gunners, is who. XDMAN reports, “I am proud of Nathan that he did not just roll over. He is going to fight the MAN or in our case Mama Governor Ivey and the State of Alabama. Nathan has retained a lawyer and this story will be ongoing. Luckily we have spread the word, and everyone from Ben Shapiro to Sheriff David Clark has shown their support. Nathan was even interviewed during prime time on Greg Kelly show on Newsmax.”


So you want one too, now, right? So did we.

Naturally, we here at Freedom’s Lodge just can’t resist this opportunity to show our support for the Second Amendment and the First! Right now, we have a limited supply of novelty LGB FJB license plates available exclusively to our readers. They’re every bit as free as speech SHOULD be here in America–all we need is for you to cover the shipping.

The 6”x12″ novelty plate is made from durable Aluminum (.040) printed in full color graphics illustrating an “embossed look” similar to a real license plate. Don’t forget your friends! Add up to five (5) additional “Let’s Go Brandon, F*** Joe Biden” Novelty License plates to your order and pay no additional S&H.

These plates certainly won’t pass inspection at the DMV, but they will spread joy, love, and liberal tears everywhere you go. The Gadsden Flag, flying proudly ‘twixt that immortal acronym of LGB FJB, is guaranteed to do two things: First, spread liberal butthurt, and then second, illuminate the way for the emergency WHAAAAMbulance they’ll need. These plates are perfect as gifts for Mom, Dad, Grad, Step-Dad, Late-Night Creepy Uncle, Cousin Who Doesn’t Come to Thanksgiving Anymore Since The Incident & more!

Just click here, pay the shipping freight, and prepare your tailgate for Alabama’s most hated plate!


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