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Smells Like Infringement

Why Does Joe Biden Want to Disarm Women? #Me2A



Protip: When meeting Joe, be sure to have a good breakfast of baked beans and hard-boiled eggs.

Why is it the “feminist allies” who are always the biggest creeps?

The next presidential election is slouching towards Bethlehem, and so far the rough beast at the head of the pack is good ol’ “Sideshow Joe” Biden. Not all Democrats are gun-grabbers, but all of the current candidates are…and Biden is not only the most outspoken of them, but also the one most likely to secure a nomination in a field crowded with greenhorns, bumblers, and the entire cast of MTV’s “Jackass.” (Just kidding. I’d actually consider voting for Bam Margera.) That means that Biden, previously a mere source of amusement as Obama’s bumbling sidekick, could potentially wind up being a real problem for Second Amendment rights. That wouldn’t just be a bad thing for gun owners in general; it would be particularly terrible for women gun owners. And the worst part is that many of them either don’t know it, or don’t believe it.

A person could be forgiven for wanting to pooh-pooh the threat he represents to the 2A. It’s pretty normal, at this stage of the game, for candidates to take a hard, radical line to appeal to their base. Generally, once they get the nomination, they tend to ease off and do their best to present themselves as members of the “enlightened middle.” We can’t count on that with Biden. He’s spent decades (the last 11 years in particular) waxing moronic about guns, so we can’t dismiss the things he’s saying as mere campaign rhetoric. His credentials as a hoplophobe are impeccable. Just a few weeks ago, he announced that he intends to “defeat the NRA,” and his anti-gun wishlist is almost as long as Cory Booker‘s. But, as a woman, that’s not the part that scares me the most. It’s the fact that he claims to be a “feminist ally.”

Allow me to take a moment to woman-splain something to the gentlemen reading this: “Feminist Ally” translates into English as “Undercover Creep.” It’s an easy-peasy lemon-squeezy way to throw up a smokescreen of respectability, which makes it much harder for the women whom the “Feminist Ally” pesters to come forward and report. In Biden’s case, we can leave the “undercover” part off, since he’s made very little attempt to hide his penchant for grabbing women, sniffing their hair, trying to kiss them…on and on it goes. Here’s a brief, annotated listing of a few dozen complaints from the unfortunate females who’ve encountered Biden’s international wooing technique (Roman hands and Russian fingers, don’t ya know).

What really sets Joe apart from your average gets-drunk-at-the-office-Christmas-party-and-tries-to-cop-a-feel dudebro is that he doesn’t just feel entitled to touch a woman’s body wherever and whenever he pleases. He also feels entitled to tell the little ladies how they ought to respond to someone who feels entitled to their bodies and property.

Biden’s “buy a shotgun” routine was, while hilarious, also chilling in a way. The advice he gave was, in the event of a home invasion, to go out on one’s porch with a double-barreled shotgun and fire two blasts in the air. At the time, what everyone focused on was the fact that doing such a thing could get one in very serious legal trouble. What I’m focusing on now is that this was advice specific for women (the example he used was his wife). I’m also focusing on the fact that if a woman were to take this advice, she’s now outside of her home with an unloaded firearm in her hands. And she’s just told the would-be home invaders where she is with the blasts.

Golly, it’s almost as if Joe Biden really doesn’t want women to have the means to protect our bodies, or something. After all, he’s dead set against AR-15s, which are terrific guns for women due to their low recoil and adjustable ergonomics. And he really thinks we ought to be relying on “smart gun” technology to save ourselves in a deadly-force encounter. “Smart guns” use the same biometric technology as the iPhone that refuses to unlock 1 out of every 10 times, but then consider this: All guns are built to “standardized” proportions, and those proportions are often a man’s. It’s quite common for women’s hands to contact various points on the backstrap and trigger in ways that will differ from a man’s, and therefore it’s quite likely that “smart guns” would be even more unreliable for women.

I’m not trying to say that Biden-style “gun control” wouldn’t be a disaster for both sexes–of course it would. But, as the saying goes, “God made Man and Woman. Samuel Colt made us equal.” When a woman is facing a male attacker, she is already at a significant disadvantage due to reduced upper-body strength, reduced speed, and shorter limbs. Take the possibility of a weapon out of the equation, and her odds of surviving the encounter plummet.

When you combine Biden’s odious anti-gun beliefs with his gross and nasty behavior towards the women unfortunate enough to get within hair-sniffing distance, you get a pretty frightening picture of a guy who thinks he knows what’s best for women, and he’s going to make sure they get it good and hard. That’s why I don’t have any time for #metoo anymore. These days? I’m all about #Me2A.

Do any of our readers have a #Me2A story, in which having a firearm helped protect you against criminal assault? Tell us in the comments!



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