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Be Your Own AR-15 Armorer With This Kit



If I were Tim Allen, I’d be making that hungh-hungh-hungh noise. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m doing it anyway.

One of the reasons the AR-15 is “America’s Rifle” is its sturdy utilitarianism and endless customization options, and an outfit called Real Avid aims to help you make the most of that with a set of professional-grade armorer tools custom designed for the modern sporting rifle enthusiast…or newbie, come to think of it. It’s called the AR15 Armorer’s Master Kit, and it’s available online or in stores now for $249.99. That plus some YouTube videos, and you’re on your way to build, modify, customize, and maintain your AR-15 without having to engage the services of a gunsmith. That means that if you own more than one (or you just enjoy tinkering with the one you have), the set will pay for itself in no time flat.

These tools are the same ones that professional armorers use, and they’ve been carefully curated in a kit that covers everything you’re going to need. There are eight separate components, each designed from scratch to make your time at the bench easy and rewarding. Here’s what comes in the rugged carrying case:

Armorer’s Master Wrench – The ergonomic handle gives you the ability to apply serious torque needed to remove stubborn, crusted-on barrel or castle nuts without marring your firearm or stripping the nuts. The torque wrench attachment point allows you to apply accurate and critical torque adjustments to the barrel nuts, castle nuts, muzzle brakes, flash suppressors, and fixed stock receiver extensions. Plus, this is the only tool in the category to include a fully-functional, customizable armorer’s hammer in the same tool.

Lug-Lok Upper Vise Block – Uses the strength of barrel lugs to safely secure AR15 upper receivers while you work, rendering clamp-style blocks obsolete. The non-marring, aircraft-grade aluminum block slides through the upper receiver and into the star chamber of your barrel. This takes the pressure from torqueing away from weak, damage prone parts and puts it squarely on the steel lugs. Adjustable Vise Pins hold the block at the optimal working angle and the Lock Knob ensures the upper receiver stays exactly where you want it.

AR15 Smart Fit Vise Block – No more customizing static blocks, the design of the Smart Fit Vise Block adjusts to fit every AR15 magazine well out there, allowing you to work on your lower receiver with a solid foundation for changing out buffer tubes or fixed stock receiver extensions. Insert the block into the magazine well and simply rotate the adjustment handle to tighten the fit.

AR15 Pivot Pin Tool – Installing a pivot pin is a small step that can quickly become a giant pain in the neck. Meet the AR15 Pivot Pin Tool – the one tool guaranteed to take the nail biting, pin-launching task of installing a pivot pin and turn it into something you might actually look forward to. Align the guide, insert the spring and detent pin, slide the pivot pin into place. Click. Snap. Done.

Easy Grip Handguard Removal Tool – Easily remove handguards with comfort. The Easy Grip Handguard Removal Tool fits into the mag well to give you leverage while the handles make it comfortable to remove the handguards.

AR15 Master Bench Block – The most comprehensive AR15 bench block ever allows you to tap 13 critical pins from 5 different components. The block is wrapped in an over-molding that grips to your bench to prevent slippage. Plus, engraved on the ultra-tough engineering grade surface and clear component labels marked with pin punch sizes to make determining what component to place where and what pins to use, simple.

Specialized Pin Punch Set – Included is every pin punch you’ll need to build an AR15. We included a staking punch as well as specialized punches for access to the bolt catch retaining pin.

Torque Wrench – Our customized punch comes with easily readable settings so you know how much torque every component needs to make your build successful.

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