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Biden Can’t Tell Black People Or Guns Apart



Creepy Uncle Joe recently took a break from hair-sniffing to enlighten us on all things black…

When Creepy Uncle Joe Biden isn’t busy sniffing women’s hair or telling them to use their firearms illegally, he’s thinking so hard about how to repeal the Second Amendment that I can smell the smoke and burning cobwebs from here. That is, until recent weeks, when Sideshow Joe decided to start “educating” the American public about Black people. First, he informed a crowd of Black people that they weren’t Black, which I imagine was probably a surprise to them. Yesterday the final piece of the puzzle fell into place. when Joe told the world that all Black people think the same way. We finally have our explanation for both Biden’s social policies and his “vision” for black guns: They all look the same to Joe Biden. And I can prove it.

And it all feels the same in the dark, too, right Joe?

Joe Biden’s “I’d Kill More People” Quote

Last year, Joe Biden opened his cake hole and said one of the weirdest things we here at Freedom’s Lodge have ever seen. In this lunatic video, Biden attempted to clarify why he thinks semi-automatic guns are somehow “worse” than other action types. Here’s the money quote: “You give me a nine millimeter Glock, and you have a thirty-eight revolver, I’ll kill more people quickly in here. You’d shoot as many, but I’ll kill more.

What an interesting thought, Joe! The 9mm and the .38-caliber are actually very similar ballistically, so what exactly does he think would make the difference between a would-be mass shooter armed with a Glock versus one with an old S&W Police Special? It can’t be the magazine capacity, otherwise he wouldn’t have said “You’d shoot as many” with your revolver. I wonder what the difference is!

So bright and shiny.

Now let’s have a look at that Glock…

Joe says: Get to the back of the bus.

My goodness, it’s almost as if Joe doesn’t care about terminal ballistics or the science behind firearms–or have the capacity to understand even if he did. Perhaps what’s happening here is that when Joe looks at a picture of modern, polymer-framed handguns, he just can’t see past their color. In what remains of Joe Biden’s mind, an object’s appearance is the same thing as its utility. (This, of course, would also explain why he believes that it’s not possible for Black people to vote for someone who isn’t him.)

Joe’s 1995 “Assault Weapons Ban”

You may have thought that Bill Clinton was actually the primary actor behind the 1995 “Assault Weapons” ban, but these days Joe is claiming all the credit–and I say we let him. Here’s what he recently had to say about that 25-year-old (and long dead) legislation: “I’m the only guy that has ever passed an assault weapons ban nationally. I’m the only guy that ever limited the amount of bullets can be in a clip,” Biden said at a CNN town hall in February.

Of course, one of the largest planks in Biden’s 2020 platform is to bring back that same 1995 legislation, only dumber. This is directly from his campaign website:

This time, the bans will be designed based on lessons learned from the 1994 bans. For example, the ban on assault weapons will be designed to prevent manufacturers from circumventing the law by making minor changes that don’t limit the weapon’s lethality. 

People who know literally anything at all about guns would find this statement odd. After all, it is not the gun that determines “lethality,” it is the caliber, construction, and ballistic qualities of the ammunition. Let’s look at two guns–one of which would be banned under Biden’s proposed law, and one of which wouldn’t.

This gun can drink from the “good” fountain.

This gun was hired to bust up a chiffarobe.

As Freedom’s Lodge readers no doubt already know, both of these are semi-automatic rifles that fire the same caliber ammunition from a magazine. This means that they function in exactly the same way, and can fire as many bullets without reloading. The only difference between them? One of them is black.

Creepy Uncle Joe would very much like to be our next Gun-Grabber In Chief, and the fact that he can’t tell guns or people apart–they all look the same to Joe Biden–should scare us all more than any pandemic or civil unrest.

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