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Free Self-Defense Videos From Viridian Weapon Tech



If I were a real badass instead of someone who pretends to be one on the ‘Net,  I’d say, “Listen: Can you hear the ocean?”

What’s better than self-defense training videos? Free self-defense training videos!

Are you like me? Sometimes I require a bit of convincing before I’ll commit to buying new tech for my CCW rig. It’s not that I’m (necessarily) a Luddite; nor that I’m (always) cheap. It’s that I’m relying as much on training and muscle memory to protect me as I am on that technology, and I don’t want to start learning anew without a good reason. That’s part of why I’m such a fan of Viridian Weapon Technologies “Art of Defense” video series. If you’re not familiar with laser sighting systems for self-defense handguns, it’s an excellent tool to demonstrate how they can be incorporated into your existing EDC and training techniques.

Like all the best training videos, however, “Art of Defense” episodes have takeaways that anyone who carries concealed or keeps a handgun in their home …whether or not a Viridian laser is part of your current self-defense plans. The “Art of Defense” series is hosted by Beau Doboszenski, owner and lead instructor for Defensive Mindset Training. In a recent episode, for example, Doboszenski discusses how a weapon-mounted laser can help enhance defense capabilities. Doboszenski shares insight into developing a defensive draw, building retention positions, developing a combat sight picture and more. The episode also covers unique defense scenarios and the value of weapon-mounted lasers for older shooters with poor vision and for those in low-light conditions.

That’s just one episode…they’re all worth a watch! All current episodes can be viewed here.



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