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Sh*t Anti-Gunners Say

Rabid: The Violent Fantasies of Anti-Gunners



This is your brain on anti-gun activism. Any questions?

Why is it that so many proponents of “common-sense gun control” can’t seem to control themselves?

A while ago, we ran an article discussing how common it is to hear anti-gun activists accuse pro-Second Amendment activists of wanting to hurt them for their beliefs…and how uncommon it is for anything of the sort to happen. In fact, when crime rates for concealed carry permit holders are compared to the rest of the population, it’s obvious that Americans who legally CCW are incredibly unlikely to commit violent offenses. No, if you’re looking for deranged, rabid expressions of violent desire, you’ll have plenty of luck scanning the behavior and bloviations of America’s “gun control activists.” It’s bad enough that a pro-Second Amendment blogger Say Uncle has a regular feature entitled “Why are Anti-Gun Activists So Violent?”.  Here are just a few that he’s curated on his (hilarious, you should check it out) blog:

1. Christchurch, NZ massacre perpetrated to advance American gun control

In general, I think it’s a waste of time (at best) and actively harmful (at worst) to publicize the motivations of mass shooters. It gives them the attention they want, and it certainly doesn’t help identify who the next one might be. That said, it appears that Twerpy Skidmark the Christchurch shooter believed–at least in part–that his horrific crime would advance the cause of gun control in the United States. His rationale is convoluted enough to make Chuckie Manson’s “Helter Skelter” plans for inciting a race war seem simple, but…well, here’s what he said in his manifesto:

“With enough pressure the left wing within the United states will seek to abolish the second amendment, and the right wing within the US will see this as an attack on their very freedom and liberty.”

It appears that the manifesto has been scrubbed from the Web, so I don’t have a live link for that at this time.

2. Post a graduation photo with a gun? That’s a witch-burnin’!

The only thing that anti-gunners hate more than a man who enjoys shooting is a woman who does. We’ve covered what tends to happen to female hunters who dare post trophy photos to their social media. But what happens if the woman in question is merely posing with a legally acquired and worn handgun in her college graduation photos?

This is what happened: Doxxing and death threats. If you don’t know what “doxxing” is, it’s a charming neologism describing the charming modern tendency to publish the full names, addresses, phone numbers, workplaces, and family information (their “dox” or “documentation”) of people that you don’t like, in hopes that people you do like will harass them. According to the linked article at the beginning of this paragraph:

“Spencer was sent of a handful of death threats, and even dozens of menacing tweets invoking death or suicide. Some urged her to kill herself, and many more invoked violence.

“’Fight me” or ‘I’ll f*ck you up’ was a common refrain. ‘Come to Texas so we can fight,’ said another.”

3. Surely elected officials would not incite that sort of hate!

Except, yes, they do. Case in point: Eric Swalwell, Democratic legislator from sunny California. Although the various mainstream media outlets were more than happy to explain away Swalwell’s tweet as “sarcasm,” it…really doesn’t sound that way. Here, you be the judge:

“Don’t be so dramatic.” –Famous last words of a husband who will be sleeping on the couch until the heat death of the universe.

The inner world of your average anti-gun activist seems to be a pretty violent place, doesn’t it? What’s your “favorite” anti-gun quote that tells us more about them than it does gun rights? Tell us in the comments!

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