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BREAKING: “You Need F-15s and Nukes” Says Biden



What’s the MSRP, though? And does CrossBreed make holsters for them yet?

They sure do love to threaten us with nukes, don’t they?

A couple of years back, Eric Swalwell earned himself a podium in the anti-gun Hall of Infamy (as well as a new nickname) by suggesting that the federal government’s nuclear-weapons cache could be used to disarm American citizens. At the time, it was the most egregious example of just how much contempt anti-gunners have for gun owners. Last night, President Joe Biden decided to up the ante as he discussed his latest gun-grabbing schemes.

“If you think you need weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons.”

What’s the most fascinating about this remark right here is that Biden seems to be admitting that the Capitol Hill riots that took place on January 6, 2021 did not, in fact, represent any real threat to American democracy. After all, that mob was largely unarmed; the only person who seemed to have been carrying a gun was shot and killed by Capitol Hill police. [Correction: Ashli Babbitt appears to have been unarmed at the time she was shot, although early reporting indicated otherwise.] None of the rioters had F-15s or nukes, that’s certain. Nor were any F-15s or nukes necessary to put a definitive end to those riots.

My goodness, it’s almost as if he were saying that individual ownership of firearms is not a threat to American democracy at all, and couldn’t be a threat to the American government unless a majority of Americans–of whom the government is made up–decided it ought to be. But he couldn’t be saying that, because of what he said next…

Thomas Jefferson and George Washington would like to have a word.

That’s a nice message for Independence Day, don’t you think?

There, you all heard it: Joe Biden believes the tree of liberty is not watered by the blood of patriots. He thinks the sacrifices our forefathers made during the War for Independence were useless. And it’s pretty obvious that, had Biden been alive in 1775, he would have been waiting on the beach at Concord to hand over that powder magazine to the British. Happy Fourth of July, America! But while we’re on the subject of history and who did or did not read it…


Biden doesn’t seem to know what a cannon is.

Joe, for the record, a cannon is nothing more than a tube strong enough to contain an explosion and send it in a specific direction. No, you couldn’t head down to Wal-Mart and put one on your Amex in 1775 because there was no Wal-Mart, no Amex, and no mass production. You could, however, make one of your own because they’re not all that hard to make. There certainly wasn’t any specific law saying you couldn’t buy or make one in any of the 13 colonies or the states they became.

But that’s enough history–let’s look at today!

It would appear that Joe Biden is saying that as far as the federal government is concerned, there’s absolutely no reason to regulate guns at all since the .Gov owns all of the necessary force to keep us citizens in line. Therefore, I’m looking forward to seeing the Biden administration roll back the 1934 Gun Control Act so I can go buy full-auto machine guns in clamshell packs at 7-11, like God intended.

What do you think, Readers? Is Creepy Uncle Joe about to legalize everything smaller than an F-15 for civilian use? Or is he deliberately saying inflammatory things in hopes that someone will “cross a line” when responding? Sound off in the comments!


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