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Sh*t Anti-Gunners Say

Anti-Gunners Love Violence & I Can Prove It



Is there anything more disturbing than when an anti-gunner‘s “mask of sanity” slips?

If you’ve never heard the term “mask of sanity,” it was coined back in 1941 when a clinical psychiatrist tried to describe the public face that psychopaths use to hide the chaos behind their eyes–and although the terms and definitions have changed in the last 80 years, the 2020 election cycle has ripped off mask after mask on the gun-grabbing side of the debate. It’s remarkable because it is (or at least was) unusual; up until now, even the most ardent gun-banners were careful to avoid discussions about how, exactly, they intended to get gun-owning America to comply with gun bans. The answer, of course, is through violence…and that’s exactly what they’ve been fantasizing about all along. And I can prove it.

Anti-Gunners are Violent in Their Private Lives

One of the longest-running pro-gun/libertarian blogs out there is called Say Uncle, and its proprietor has been compiling cases of violent anti-gunners for years. What’s particularly remarkable about his compilation is how extensive it is when compared to the number of actual citizens out there engaged in actual grass-roots campaigning against the Second Amendment. That’s because the majority of anti-gun activism isn’t grassroots at all–it’s Astroturf. And it’s downright disturbing how many of the “real blades of grass” are “real pieces of sh*t humans.” Here’s a brief sampler, for your review:

We’ve talked before about why individual citizens who want the Second Amendment repealed might be such violent people–the one-word answer is “projection.” It seems that many gun-grabbers have poor self-control and cannot imagine that other people are able to separate their emotions from their actions. They figure they can’t be trusted with guns, so nobody should. But very few one-word answers tell the entire story; the truth is, as always, more complex than that. The problem isn’t just individual anti-gunners’ moral attitudes towards violence. The root problem is anti-gun philosophy itself.

Anti-Gun Philosophy is Violent at its Core

That may sound a little counterintuitive at first, but it isn’t. The philosophy that states that American citizens do not have an individual right to own firearms is inherently violent. That’s because anti-gunners know as well as anyone else that the laws they want will only disarm the law-abiding, and that criminals will absolutely take advantage of that. They also know perfectly well that the police have no duty whatsoever to prevent a crime from happening or halt its progress. The case I linked in that previous sentence is actually from the District of Columbia–where private ownership of guns has been severely infringed for decades–and it details an incident in which the D.C. police allowed three women to be raped and brutalized for hours despite multiple calls begging for help.

Make no mistake: Anti-gunners are fully aware that their policies will result in the mass victimization of innocent people at the hands of criminals. And that’s not a bug–that’s a feature. They want a public that lives in constant fear of being burgled, mugged, beaten, raped, and murdered. The point is to create a populace that’s so sick and tired of that fear that they will gratefully accept increasing levels of government control in their lives in the hopes of a peace that (I promise) is not coming. And that, in turn, is why…

Anti-Gun Politicians are So Very Excited to “Come and Get Them”

For decades, those who would disarm law-abiding Americans have felt the need to obscure their goals. “We’re not out to get your guns,” they cooed, “we just want to tighten background checks/ get rid of bayonet lugs/ ban bump stocks.” Not anymore! It actually came as a real shock when one (former) Presidential candidate casually mentioned nuking gun owners who didn’t comply with confiscation regimes:

This is what they call “foreshadowing” in the literary world…

Then we had good ol’ Beta O’ Dork (I miss him already), with this one: “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.” It’s almost as if the floodgates have opened, and we’re finally hearing what the anti-gunners have had in mind for us all along–proxy violence at the hands of the State.

They’ve forgotten just one little thing. We, all Americans, are the State. Let’s not forget it, too.

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